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Mission: encourage children and families to find a love of learning through trusted voices and innovative storytelling, in advanced technologies and beyond.

Where We're Going, We Love Roads


About KIRL

We believe in an interplanetary future

Media literacy will help get us there

As technology continues to help all children and families around the globe find education that fits, serves, and betters their lives, humanity will be able to fix Earth's biggest problems, allowing us to explore the Universe.

May our most ethical selves lead the way, to be a model for the artificial intelligence machines we build that are required to help get us there.

Darby Bailey, Founder
Ph.D. Student, Doctoral Candidate

We Love What We Do & Want You To Love What You Do, Too.

The Kirl Love Recipe

NFT + experiments in anim(e)tion, voice, rhyme, poetry, edtech, video, medium, place, form, and structure, but always a place where voices are trusted.

Goals: measurable learning outcomes through the use of research backed Entertainment-Education methods and pedagogy for most content ...and just plain child-at-heart FUN for the rest of it.

We are all just Kirls in this world.

Supporting the Economic Spirit: NFT by NFT Community

Non-traditional schooling requires non-traditional thinking and entrepreneurial spirit, and the Hangout Hawks have it in spades. Educating through community, mentorship and apprenticeship is key to being able to create maximum impact for youth. The leaders of today clear the path for the leaders of tomorrow. Hangout Hawks are nascent in their Web3 leadership.



Build things with the people you love.
Build with LOVE to AMPLIFY love.

Amber Drake
genesis artist
Camille Izatt
Emrys Kim
marketing / operations
always there
Darby Bailey
When will the Kirl NFTs be available?

We started ideating our art, and then creating each piece by hand (2,764 unique interactive Kirl NFTs) in the late Summer of 2022. We expect our Genesis NFT's to be available early 2024.

Do I have to know crypto to get a Kirl NFT?

You don't need to know crypto, yay! You can join the Kirl World with just an email! If you DO want to purchase an NFT, all you'll need is a credit card. More details coming in Spring 2024!

Where are you located?

We are a remote company based in the U.S., with team members in (alphabetical order) Hawaii, Los Angeles, downtown Salt Lake City and the San Francisco Bay area.

What is Entertainment-Education?

Entertainment-Education (E-E) is a research backed method of creating programming used by some of your favorite edutainment teachers and entertainers. Largely theorized and applied at scale by Miguel Sabido, other scholars we admire and use in our research are Everett Rogers, David Pointdexter, Sonny Fox, Norman Lear, and Fred Rogers. We especially love one of the founders of Sesame Street, female founder Joan Ganz Cooney. If you want to read more about E-E, here's a great Wikipedia article about it. There is also a Smithsonian article about how E-E has helped the types of students we want to help too, with our one-to-one benefit model.